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When Meat met Masala: Licious Tales

  • Licious the meat brand has launched its new meat masala in a traditional matching finding form.
  • To make this epic they roped in OTT featured matching maker sensation Sima Taparia. The advertisement in the process showcases perfect blend of product launch and shattering taboo of a male cooking in Indian household.
  • It perfectly describes and delivers message of not settling for anything but the best with 100% compatibility that takes time in forming but gives you immense satisfaction and best outcome.

Speaking about the brand’s new range, Vivek Gupta, Co-Founder, Licious said, “Licious’ latest foray into masalas aligns with the company’s strategy of portfolio diversification, leveraging its strong core brand equity. We have observed a shift in consumption patterns, with consumers wanting to recreate authentic recipes within the comfort of their homes. At Licious, it is our passion to enrich the culinary meat experience in India because we believe a delicious meaty meal brings immense joy to one’s heart. With our specially crafted classic meat masalas, we want to offer our consumers the convenience of enjoying these authentic meat preparations. We are confident that consumers will truly relish this new offering and choose the perfect match for their most loved meat dishes.”

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