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KitKat Is Keeping Its Fingers Crossed Along With Fans This World Cup Season!

  • Amidst the excitement of the coin toss, the intensity of crucial overs, and the collective hope for victory in each match, one unifying sentiment resonates with every Indian during this World Cup Season: crossed fingers.
  • KitKat has wholeheartedly embraced this spirit of crossed fingers this World Cup season, both symbolically and quite literally.
  • The brand’s #FingersCrossed campaign captures the dynamism and enthusiasm of cricket fans and brings it to life in an exhilarating manner.
  • KitKat emphasized their distinctive #FingersCrossed approach through an inspiring brand film: “It’s the most highly anticipated event of the year.”
  • From the coin toss to the final ball of the match, nothing bonds Indians quite like a cricket game. And in the realm of cricket, there is no sentiment more profound than hope.
  • KitKat harnessed this feeling of hope to craft a message that contributes to the prevailing sense of unity that runs through every Indian when supporting Team India!
  • What’s even more captivating is that the brand retained its signature quirky style and ingeniously used the product to seamlessly embody the creative concept of “fingers crossed.”
  • This strategy offers an authentic and relatable way to connect with fans across the nation, rally behind Team India, all while staying true to the essence of ‘KitKat’

KitKat… aiming for victory!
By tapping into a universal sentiment, KitKat struck a chord with their inventive interpretation of
a common hand gesture we all employ unconsciously! This was an innovative campaign,
perfectly timed to capture the moment.

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