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VIVO Strives To Bring Hope To People’s Lives.

    • The Movie Opens At a VIVO Customer Service Centre.
    • The Customer Gives The Executive A Mobile Phone Which Isn’t Working Because It Got Wet And Shares That It Belongs To A Doctor Named Rashmi.
    • The sales executive tells the customer not to worry.
    • he works hard to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the repaired phone.
    • A customer service executive at VIVO goes beyond the call of duty to revive a mobile phone and delivered on time.
    • the film ends with the executive delivering the repaired phone to the customer at a hospital.
    • The consumer needed the phone so that he and his colleagues could reach out to Dr Rashmi virtually as she is physically impaired.
    • All the VIVO employees are dedicated to make sure all customer’s problems are solved.

    Yogendra Sriramula, head, brand strategy, vivo India, said, “Everything we do revolves around our customers. As a customer-centric brand, we have worked hard to establish a strong nationwide network of 650 plus service centres that are entirely managed by vivo. Our new ‘care with joy’ campaign explains how we provide our customers with a reassuring and caring experience. And this is reflected in the numerous decisions we make, such as locating our service centres in easily accessible and well-connected areas, maintaining the transparency of costs on all spare parts, most service centres remaining open seven days a week, and offering extended hours on Wednesday every week to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience.”

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