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Tanishq Urges Soon-To-Weds To Talk About Life After The Wedding.

  • Tanishq has launched a film under its campaign ‘Marriage Conversations’.
  • The film encourages couples to have difficult conversations, before they plan on tying the knot.
  • The film urges couples to go beyond wedding conversations and planning, and instead focus.
  • The film opens with a couple who plan on getting married. The woman tells her partner that she’s concerned about her father’s dialysis issue and how her mother will manage everythingalone, once they get married. She expresses how she wants to be there for them and herpartner assures her that she is there for them.
  • When they reach, she tells him how they will be close to his family, but not to hers. He tells her that they will manage and get out of the car. They enter her parents’ building and the elevator stops at the third floor. Surprised, the lady tells him that her parents live on the fourth and not the third floor. He then takes her into an apartment and tells her that her parents are not just hers, but also his. When she asks him what his parents would have to say about them moving to where her parents were, he tells her that they’re only waiting for the house-warming party. He then proposes to her with a ring.

Ranjani Krishnaswamy, general manager – marketing, Tanishq, said, “We started our journey last year with a belief that the foundation of a solid companionship relies on honest communication and is built with trust. With our first story this wedding season, we wanted to shine on couples that embrace both sets of parents as their own. Tanishq celebrates these precious moments when it rings true for the to-be-wed couples with our stunning ranges of engagement rings.”

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