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ebay Believes In Partnering,Not Competing

  • eBay has started a campaign called “eBay. Export Ka Expert” (eBay. The expert of export) tohighlight the challenges that exporters encounter in the market.
  • The movie tries to address the problems faced by Indian exporters and to highlight the solutionseBay has offered as a business partner to get over these obstacles.
  • The movie begins in a yoga studio where two friends are exercising and conversing. One of the two is venting his annoyance over the difficulties he is having conducting cross-border export business.
  • He continues by pointing out how other international markets behave as rivals rather than collaborators, which affects his company’s operations and overall success in international markets.
  • Overhearing their conversation, another member of the class introduces him to eBay, assuring him that it won’t be his rival but just a true partner.

Pavan Ponnappa, head of categories and marketing, eBay, said, “This campaign is a reiteration of our seller-first approach and enables Indian sellers to build a global export business on eBay. The eBay marketplace gives sellers access to 190 markets and the tools to market their products to millions of buyers across the globe. The campaign “Export ka Expert” illustrates the challenges faced by B2C sellers on other export marketplaces and how these pain points are solved for them on eBay. We continue to focus on being the partner of choice for sellers to build a profitable business while maintaining their peace of mind.”


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