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Duroflex Offers An Enhanced Sleep Experience To Masters Of Sleep.

  • Duroflex, India’s sleep solutions provider, has released the digital film for ‘Duroflex Wave Plus’- an adjustable smart bed that aims to enrich one’s sleep experience.
  • To encourage consumers to make the right choice for high-quality sleep, the company has chosen the true connoisseurs of sleep in the digital film – the pets. Both dogs and cats love to sleep and are often called masters of sleep.
  • The critical digital film humorously captures the cat, Fluffy trying to find the perfect space to sleep around the house. At the same time, the dog narrates the entire experience of the cat’s quest.
  • From the laptop to the carpet to the top of the washing machine, Fluffy is unsatisfied till the dog takes Fluffy to Duroflex Wave.
  • Here, Fluffy’s search for the perfect sleeping space ends.
  • The film ends with the line that communicates how Duroflex Wave Plus is the answer to all those who value sleep, ‘designed for those who take their sleep seriously.’

Mohanraj Jagannivasan, chief executive officer, Duroflex said, “We are happy to introduce Duroflex Wave Plus, a product which offers a truly enriching sleep experience. As a brand, we are continually pursuing sleep technologies that will help India sleep better.”

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