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Hamdard Encourages Women To Have ‘Confidence Ka Glow’.

  • Hamdard Laboratories has rolled out a campaign for its almond oil brand Roghan Badam Shirin, urging women to feel comfortable in their skin.
  • The film highlights the properties of the oil, which brings out the best in a woman and lets her glow confidently.
  • The campaign message goes beyond physical beauty to address overall well-being and personifies a nuanced perspective of self-confidence in one’s skin and body.
  • The film shows how young women who glow confidently aren’t afraid to make life and career choices. Various women of all sizes and ages are seen doing their thing without the fear or care of being judged by anyone.
  • The aim of this campaign is to make every woman love the skin they are in.

Suman Varma, CMO, Hamdard Laboratories, said, “Our aim through this campaign is to make every woman love the skin they are in. We wanted to create a world where beauty is the source of confidence and not anxiety. Roghan Badam Shirin is that magical oil that can work on dry skin, and act like a hydrating agent, the vitamin-E-rich almond oil acts like a moisturising oil, Its anti-inflammatory properties help in tightening the skin by penetrating at the deeper levels. Almonds are also considered brain food. Hence when had with milk, it helps in boosting children’s memory and relieves constipation. Our memory film will be launched next week highlighting the product benefit.”

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