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Eicher Celebrates The Support Of Technicians.

  • Eicher is celebrating its passion for Uptime, a commitment to put the truck back on the road on time.
  • The music video highlights the team is moving to the Uptime Beat to meet the truck’s commitment to on-time delivery.
  • The overall campaign showcases the competence and collaboration of the technicians and other support services around the theme of #UpTimeHaiTohOnTimeHai.
  • The campaign is also made to celebrate the effort of the uptime technicians through a dedicated ‘Uptime Day.’ In the future, Eicher will commemorate the day every year across its workshops with a renewal of its Uptime commitment.

Bhagwan Bindiganavile, senior vice president-strategy, said, “Modern life is based on the timeliness of logistics. From the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to children coming home, being on time is critical. Everything we do at Eicher, from designing reliable trucks to the state of the art real time fleet monitoring, is dedicated to improving Uptime. This video is a celebration of our commitment.”

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